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Canary Smart Home Security Device

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I’m getting hooked on looking at Kickstarter and Indiegogo sites.  These funding sites have a lot of great tech that is up and coming.  I love looking through all the cool new gadgets, and honestly, I just can’t help but pre-order things.  I came across the Canary Smart Home Security Device (much later than a lot of people I guess as they’ve already achieved their first funding goal and are on their way to the next one).  This device is basically an IP Camera that can do much more.  Besides a camera, it has a built in microphone, night vision, motion detection, a siren, temperature, air quality, and humidity sensors.  All this of course connects to your Wifi and then onto an App for your phone.  You can set up alerts based on different parameters.  Although you can buy an IP camera that can do the camera and sound bits, I really like the design of this and the way its being pitched to integrate with your smartphone.  Comes in 3 color options.  I was sold and ordered 2!  I just wish I didn’t have to wait till next year for delivery.

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Canary color options



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