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New Google Nexus 7

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Google has announced the next generation of its Nexus 7.  As a previous owner of the original Nexus 7, I’m curious to see what this new device will bring.  From the specs, this looks like a fairly good upgrade: HD screen, back camera and faster processor.  I still wish it had a micro-SD card slot, but I guess we can’t have it all.  The 16GB version will cost US$229.99 which isn’t bad for an entry price.  As I remember, I paid more for the original Nexus 7 16GB version when it was available so this sounds reasonable.  Still, there is plenty of options out there and I’ll be curious to see how this one stacks up against so many others.  As this is made by Asus, the company has both the Asus Fonepad and the Asus MeMo Pad (though neither have as good a screen as the Nexus 7).  It does look sleek and thin, but for me right now, the Xperia Z tablet (although that’s a 10″; there is a the 6.4″ Z Ultra though that is more of a phone) with its thin design and great screen seems like the one to beat.

New Nexus 7

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