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GlassUp Eyeglasses

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GlassUp getting highlighted today on Yahoo and caught my attention, not for the technology, but for the price comparison (with Google Glass).  GlassUp has a similar glass device, that like Google Glasses, creates a heads-up display of sorts that can show, among other things, incoming messages, etc.  While it doesn’t do the same display as Google Glass which actually presents an image, GlassUp is more of a HUD that creates what they call an “augmented reality”.  That sounds pretty interesting to me.  They’ve launched a start-up funding page via Indiegogo that allows you to secure one for delivery sometime next year.  Starting at US$299, this is a pretty interesting alternative to Google Glass and does actually sound pretty cool.  But from the demo video of Google Glass, because it actually throws up a full image onto the glass, I actually much prefer that and am looking forward to buying one.  Still, I’m tempted to throw down for a GlassUp just to give it a go and to show my support for technology!




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