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Sony Xperia Z Ultra 6.4″ FHD Smartphone

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Sony has announced that it is now taking pre-orders for the Xperia Z Ultra, a 6.4″ FHD handset.  While I think it’s a novel design, and certainly will be the new “king” of the big screen handsets (especially considering its a full HD screen), I’m not sure this has enough appeal for most people.  I love the Xperia Z for its ultra thin design and more importantly, it’s water-resistant capabilities.  But a 6.4″ handset might be a little too big for most.  Have a look at this image I saw online of someone “using” the handset:


Sony Z Ultra in Use

Plus, Sony is actually launching 2 versions of the Z Ultra, a 3G version you can order now for delivery soon and a 4G which it won’t launch till September.  Why the wait?  I’m guessing the previous issues I had with the Xperia Z over battery life is still a major problem and isn’t going to be helped by a larger screen running 4G with just a 3,000 mAh battery.  I’m not sure this will be able to challenge the rumoured 6″ Galaxy Note 3 that is expected.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra




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