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HTC One vs Samsung S4

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I’ve been getting lots of questions regarding which one I would choose. As a mass consumer of smartphones (I pretty much buy with my own money the newest handset when it comes out), people have been asking which I would choose.  For me, I like “new” things – new concepts, new designs, new innovation.  In that regard, the HTC One is a big win and the S4 a major fail.  I agree with many other comments that the S$ really isn’t a new phone, and for me its just and upgraded S3.  I like that some people have called it a S3s.  In many ways, I agree – the S4 is just a minor upgrade from the S3 (akin to what Apple did with the iPhone 4).  A better screen, improved camera, and some new features do not in my opinion warrant enough of a change to call it a new handset.  They were trying to cut down on costs, in my opinion, by not bothering to redesign the handset and for me that’s just unappealing.  I know they will still probably sell a ton, but didn’t they learn anything from Apple?

Instead, look to HTC to come up with a different design.  Yes, some of the HTC One is just software tweaks, but putting it in a fantastic metallic body design, with a completely new camera sensor, HD screen and 2 speaker boxes – now that’s something I can get excited about and can’t wait to try.

Bottom line: I have the option on which to pre-order and I chose the HTC One.  At least it will be something new and exciting to use, not just a refreshed Samsung S3 that has been around for more than a year.


HTC One vs Samsung S4 pic


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