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Samsung S4

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Samsung  has finally announced their latest incarnation, the S4 and I must say, I’m extremely disappointed.  The number thing I really hate is the design/look – it looks exactly like the S3/Note 2.  I have never cared for how “plastic” the overall feel of the Samsung phones were, but there is no doubt they have been the best smartphone in 2012.  In addition to the poor design, I think it was disappointing that LTE version won’t have their Octo-core chipset, instead using the same Snapdragon as other makers.  I also feel a lot of the software tweaks are “gimmicks” rather than real killer, must have functions.  The screen is upgraded to full HD, the camera is improved, and there is a bigger battery life to correspond with the slightly larger screen.  But I just felt it didn’t do enough to be a new, next-gen handset.  What am I missing?  Is my expectations too high?  Perhaps Samsung had hyped it up enough that I just wanted/expected more.  I’m much more impressed with the HTC One and I thought the Xperia Z has some decent selling points on its own as well.  It seems clear there is going to be a lot of competition in this space this year.


Samsung Galaxy S4


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