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I just got an email from Leap Motion saying they expect to ship the device beginning May 13.  I had forgot I had even pre-ordered this very cool device sometime last year.  In case you don’t know what it is, Leap Motion is a peripheral you connect to your computer that allows it to recognize hand gestures.  You can swipe in mid-air, pinch, draw, write, make different motions, etc.  I guess its like the Kinect for Xbox, except its for your PC and doesn’t use a camera.  The Youtube demo looks impressive and a lot of fun!

Besides just using it as a mouse alternative, they are designing apps and other functions that will really make this device standout: game play, dedicated apps, it’s all supposedly coming.   I was certainly keen to give it a try last year.  Let’s hope they deliver it when they say they will and it works as advertised.


Leap Motion Device

Leap Motion attached


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