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Asus Fonepad – new 7″ Phablet

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Asus was the maker behind the very good Nexus 7 (which I enjoyed using) and it’s good to see their next 7″ tablet.  The Fonepad is Asus’ next 7″ and it looks good.  In addition to a better screen (HD IPS panel of 1280×800), the Fonepad has a nice metallic finish and more importantly, offers voice capability.  Asus says it offers ‘Full 3G Phone’ abilities.  Though I wonder what holding a 7″ screen to your face will look like, I guess it’s not that scary (or is it!).  The best part is probably the competitive price: starting at US$249.  Although this is clearly more a tablet than a phone, I look forward to seeing what this phablet can do.  It uses an Intel Atom Z7420 chip so I’m not sure how that performs.  For the price, and given the design and my past experience with the Nexus 7, I think this may have potential.


Asus Fonepad

Asus Fonepad Back

Metallic back of the Fonepad


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