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Samsung Galaxy Note II Pre-Order

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While the world is still mesmerized with the launch of the iPhone 5, Samsung is almost quietly set to launch the Galaxy Note II this week.  I only accidently stumbled upon the launch of the Note II on the Samsung website.  So I decided to go by the store and have a look.  There is no demo model or even a plastic mock-up version of the Note II.  But all the salesman said was it was launching on Friday.  As many of you know, I’m not a fan of the iPhone 5, but I did love the Note.  Going from a large, HD screen (as I’ve had with my last 3 Android devices) to a closed system just doesn’t cut it for me.  Transferring your data/info from an Android to an iPhone is a nightmare.  Plus, I don’t care how much of pent up demand you think there is, everyone that really wants an iPhone 5 seemed to have gotten one by now… and Apple still MISSED their expected sales target.  Hmm.  I don’t care how many comments I read that this is the biggest/best/highest/largest launch of a tech device/phone ever – for me, it is a disappointment.  I’d much rather get the Note II and be pleasantly surprised.  So without a huge fanfare, and massive overhype, I pre-ordered my new Android device.  Can’t wait to receive it on Friday.  I’ll be the one smiling this weekend (and NOT lost – I have real maps!).


Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note II


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  1. Long time no see. I used to follow this page a decade ago! I loved checking out your new swag. I think one of the first purchases I made based on your review was the Nokia 8890, which up to the smart phone era, was probably the best phone I had ever used! Amazing style, construction, and function.

    Since then, I’ve gone through the iterations of Iphones. Stale and incremental updates, but marketing to the masses. The Iphone 4 was the last great implementation from Apple. The 4S and 5 just do not bring enough to the table.

    I’ve always been a fan of technology, and aside from the styling, it needs to bring worthwhile functionality. Just like you, I had been eyeing the Note 2. There are now 5 of them in my family :p The large real estate makes it a truly functional smart device…surfing the net is much more efficient. The keyboard, s-pen, and voice recognition are remarkable. I also like the fact, the device is so easy to use and customize. You can own and access your own information without having jump through hoops like itunes. Lastly, the rooting/rom customization process is dead simple. Forget about waiting for iphone Jailbreaks.

    In my opinion, this is the best phone out there currently. I would lump it in with the Nokia 8890 and Iphone 4 in terms quality and innovation.

    Keep up the great work!

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