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Nexus 7 Tablet Spotted

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I just spotted the Nexus 7 Tablet at a retail outlet.  It’s available here in Hong Kong from a few retailers, though at a slight premium from the retail price in the US (about US$280 versus the US$199 price).  I managed to convince the shop to let me try it out for a bit and it is pretty decent.  Size wise, its similar to a Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet.  Usability is good and I tried to see what new features this updated Android would offer, but I didn’t find anything significant of note.  Anyway, I don’t think this is going to set the tablet world on fire, but for the price, the quality of the device looks decent.  I can’t attest to some of the issues I’ve read about such as battery life, but I do think the smaller form factor (with the smaller screen) makes this a compelling alternative to the iPad.  It just depends what you want to use the device for.


Nexus 7 Tablet

Nexus 7 Tablet


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