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WHITE Leica M9-P

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Leica is poised to introduce the very sexy White Leica M9-P in June.  There are only 50 pieces made and from what I read, its a Japan-Only product.  The major downside though is the cost, expected to be around 2.6m Yen or something like US$32k.  That’s a pretty crazy amount of money for a Leica.  It does come with the amazing 50mm Noctilux lens in an unavailable Chrome finish which is incredible (it’s available in Black for about US$11k, but not in Chrome).  As I already own the White M8 Limited Edition, this is so tempting.  But I don’t know if it’s worth the money.  I do want an M9 with a Noctilux lens, but you can get the same setup for about US$19k (about US$8k for the body, US$11k for the lens), about 60% of this limited White one.  But it’s White!  How can you not want one?

theVooner says: Another White Leica… time to upgrade!

White Leica M9-P

White Leica M9-P



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