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Gerber Apocalypse Kit

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After watching another episode of the Walking Dead, I found this fantastic tool kit from Gerber which is actually featured on the show.  Capitalizing on the potential Zombie Apocalypse that might come (I love the book World War Z!), this kit gives you, among other things a Machete, Axe, Parang, and knife – all in a cool tool kit that folds up to carry around.  As a gadget man, I can’t tell you how many of these multi-function tools I own, but the whole idea of a “Apocalypse Kit” just sounds pretty cool.  Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and of course the Zombie Apocalypse all are reasons enough for this kit.

theVooner says: I’m buying one for the Zombie Apocalypse. Be prepared people!

Gerber Apocalypse Kit

Gerber Apocalypse Kit


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