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Sony Personal 3D Viewer Headset (HMZ-T1)

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Personal viewing glasses are one of those things that sounds so cool. I’ve had 3 in my time – many, many years ago. While they were cool, they gave me a splitting headache, was generally heavy, and had poor battery life. So their eventual demise was no surprise. Over the years, a few models have emerged trying to revamp interest in this product. I remember trying on the Vuzix eyewear several years ago and it was a good improvement. While I was tempted, I just couldn’t get myself to buy another one of these. Well Sony has come up with a new viewing glass and its 3D! It looks big (which scares me), but it has OLED screens, 5.1 headphones built-in, and did I mention it has 3D! I’m certainly curious. But I just wonder if I can keep one of these on my head for more than a few hours. Plus, it would look pretty silly on my head!


Sony Personal 3D Viewer Headset (HMZ-T1)


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