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Alfred Dunhill Carbon Fibre

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It’s been tough thinking about writing and doing reviews this past 7 weeks. For a time, it just seemed too trivial. But life has to move on and so too shall the reviews.

Alfred Dunhill Carbon Fibre

Alfred Dunhill Carbon Fibre

The Alfred Dunhill Carbon Fibre pen was first mentioned by theVooner in last year’s Christmas Wish List.

Well it took me nearly a year before I finally got one. It was a great gift and one I thought I would share.


The Carbon Fibre is an exquisite looking pen. What exactly those Carbon Fibre inlays are I’m not sure, but they look really good. I don’t think I need to write too much here, I’m just going to show you pictures. Just take a look- they say it all.


It’s a pen – enough said.

One cool thing though is that the pocket clip goes up and down as you open or close the pen. That way, you never stick the pen in your pocket when the pen is open (hence, no ink lines in your pocket). Neat.


This is one “gadget” that you just look at and admire. I don’t think I really need to write much more. So what exactly is the point of having a great pen? Well it’s an ESSENTIAL item if you use it a lot for writing or taking notes like I do. So what did I use it for? To sign my check for my donation to the Red Cross of course.




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