theVooner.com is my own personal website mostly dedicated to my discussion and reviews of gadgets. Since I was young, I’ve always been obsessed with gadgets of all kinds.  I’m an early adopter of many things – some good, some bad – and I wanted to have a forum which showcases my interest.  Originally, I started this back in 2000, and after a hiatus, I’ve brought it back.

Gadgets can come in any form, and while these are mostly tech related, I also have a passion for plenty of other things in life. So every now and then, I’ll talk about or review something just out of the blue – this could be anything really that I think is very trendy, cool, or that I wanted to share.

All of the reviews on my site are actual products that I bought.  I’ve found that too many reviews don’t go into the real product themselves and tend to be a more cursory look at just the specs.  By buying products myself, I’m committing my own money and making an actual purchasing decision.  Thus, my reviews are from a genuine “owners” perspective – I actually use and live with these products.  Of course, since I own most of these, the reviews themselves are slightly biased to the positive.  After all, I had to have liked it to go out and pay money for it. But there are more than a few times, where I’ve come back with a product and been disappointed, or just not happy with it.

My blog does tend to have a gadget bias, but there are lots of trendy items and interesting things out there that I spot and see and I’m definitely eager to share my thoughts.  Hopefully, this site is as fun for you to read as it is for me to write for. So please enjoy reading and I’ll continue to update this as often as I can.

How I rate things?

I usually look at each product from 3 points of view: 1) Form – how the product looks, feels, is designed, etc.; 2) Function – how it works, performs, and actual does on a day to day basis, and then 3) Factor – the overall outlook and ultimately recommendation.

Within these areas, I give the product a rating which I’ve now expanded to a number of Vs (the V-factor) out of 5.  Broadly speaking, the ratings are defined loosely as:

5 out of 5 – A spectacular product that surpassed my expectations and one that I’m happy to own and use regularly.  Definitely worth buying.

4 out of 5 – A good product that has plenty of positives but is let down by a few shortcomings.

3 out of 5 – A solid product, but with areas to improve.  Probably a buy if you have spare cash but there may be other stuff or better ones to come.

2 out of 5 – A product that failed to live up to its expectations and disappoints overall.

1 out of 5 – A complete WASTE of money.